How it Works
Welcome to S.A.C. Packaging & Courier Services!
S.A.C. is a small but professional frieght forwarder/courier service first registered on September, 17th 2014.

Our Goals
SAC's goal is to provide an efficient mailbox service at competitive rates while offering modern services such as online registration, online packaging management as well as package tracking.
Ordering and Shipping Items
In order to register, we require a valid email address and phone number as well as your address.
Once registered we will email you your mailbox address in the US and you can immediately begin shipping your items.
As you order items, you can enter them in our package management system so that we can know what to expect, if not, we will perform updates as the packages are delivered.
Once packages are delivered to us in the US, we will arrange shipment to Guyana and notify you by email.
Delivery can then be arranged by responding to the email or by phone.