About our service:
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SAC Business hours

Mondays to Fridays - 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Saturdays - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sundays and holidays - CLOSED

  • Our mailbox/courier service allows customers to have items shipped to a US address delivered to Guyana. This can be done via air or sea shipments.
    If you are in need of our mailbox service, you simply need to register here. Once you are registered, all the necessary details will be emailed to you and you can then start your shopping.
  • Simplify pickups and billing in Guyana: Upon item arrival, receive an emailed invoice for pickup. Choose between individual collection or consolidating multiple items on a single invoice within a three-week period. Items arriving after three weeks billed separately. Streamline your process with our flexible consolidation options.
  • Track your delivered items with ease as their details are seamlessly updated in our app. Gain access to package information by logging in through the provided link. Additionally, inform us of your preferred shipping method—air or sea—by reaching out to us via phone, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook.
    For items that are large or very heavy, we would also contact customers to confirm the preferred shipment method.

  • Customers can also choose to have us handle the entire process of purchasing items and having them delivered to Guyana. We can order from most of the popular websites. However, there is an additional cost of five (5) percent of the order total or a minimum of GYD1,500 for the use of our credit cards in the process (credit cards incur charges as they are used).
    If you are in need of our mailbox service, you simply need to register here. Once you are registered, all the necessary details will be emailed to you and you can then start your shopping.
  • If you would like us to handle any online orders for you, we request that you send links to the items you'd like ordered along with the relevant sizes, colors, or any other optional information by email to info@sacpackaging.com, to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sacpackaging, or by WhatsApp to +1-442-280-7850. You can also visit our office to browse for your items with the assistance of our staff.
  • Once we have all the necessary information, a quotation will be provided and you can then confirm your order by paying using one of the available payment methods (cash, bank transfer/deposit, MMG, or cheque).
  • Your order will then be placed and you will receive updates as items arrive via email. You can then visit the office to collect or utilize our delivery service.

  • We currently utilize two (2) airlines for cargo so two (2) shipments are expected weekly; packages delivered to the warehouse between Fridays and Tuesdays are dropped off on Wednesdays to be taken to Miami for flights that are expected to arrive in Guyana on Mondays (availability starting on Tuesdays) while packages delivered to the warehouse on Wednesdays and Thursdays are dropped off on Fridays to be taken to Miami for shipments that are expected to arrive in Guyana on Wednesdays (availability starting on Thursdays).
  • Because of the continually increasing quantity of packages being shipped, parts of shipments are sometimes shifted to a subsequent shipment. In other words, while we expect most of our cargo to get here the week after delivery to the warehouse, this is based on the airline schedule and reliability. If the airline, for whatever reason, cannot bring all cargo, that cargo will be expected on the following flight. This is not something that is within SAC’s control and is an expected hiccup with shipping cargo internationally.
  • Items for sea shipments are packed up and dropped off for sea shipments once weekly (usually on Thursdays) and are expected to get here in two (2) to three (3) weeks. This too is based on the efficiency of the vessel and arrival times will vary.
  • If you would like your items to be shipped by sea, you can send us the details via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp. For items that are very big or heavy, we will also reach out to find out how they should be shipped.

Peak Season (November 15th to January 31st)

Please note that the quantity of cargo continues to increase during the peak seasons, even more so with the increase in online shopping since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are therefore asking customers to be aware that these changes were not met with corresponding changes in the airline industry; the options for getting cargo from the US to Guyana have remained the same along with the cargo capacity. All airlines struggle with the loads and there will inevitably be significant delays and split shipments.

What this means is that we cannot guarantee delivery of items for the holiday season, once delivered during the peak season.

We would advise that customers try as much as possible, to have items required for December and early January delivered before the start of the busy period (November 15th).

Office Closure

It is customary for our local office to be closed for one (1) week after the peak seasons. We take this time in order to facilitate maintenance to the building, schedule training and to also allow us a break after the hectic holiday season.

The US office remains operational for deliveries

This closure is usually around the second week of January for seven (7) days and once confirmed, is communicated by email, Facebook and through our WhatsApp statuses. Customers are asked to have any items needed picked up before then.

Also, customers requiring orders to be placed can still contact us through our WhatsApp or Facebook since a few persons would still do some work from home. For these orders, it is required that payments be made electronically (MMG, bank transfers or deposits).